Shi Mechanical & Equipment Inc: Technological Wonders

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Shi Mechanical & Equipment Inc: Technological Wonders

SHI Mechanical & Equipment Inc produces amazing products. Maxblend is one of them. They have a reliable technology and are always striving to remain abreast with future developments. The company is entirely funded by Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. They specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of mixing vessels, various machineries and end equipments, chemical machineries and iron and steel structures.

Among the mixing vessels there are various products. Tornado is a unique mixing reactor, an innovation of Sumitomo. It has a very good efficiency.

Besides this, it produces process units like antifreeze solution concentrating device, ultra-high pressure test equipment and various pilot plants.

The company produces mixing vessels like Maxblend, pressure vessels like ASME Sec VIII certificated pressure vessels, specific equipment with high-pressure gas. Power plant equipment like casing for hydro power and turbine casings are other products that this company makes. Besides these, it produces bridges like car boarding bridges and bridge inspection carriages, coke oven facilities like coal charging cars, water jet door cleaners and jamb cleaners. SHI Mechanical & Equipment Inc makes automatic systems like factory automation for coke oven machines, aircraft and ship related facilities like experimental tanks and great doors to aircraft hanger. Mixing reactors like Tornado are very good too. Infrastructure related machines like underwater electrical cable laying machines, underwater optical fiber cable lying machines and bridge erection equipment are among other many products.

Maxblend is one of the mixing vessels based on the mixing technology. It is an innovated technology developed by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. In a pursuit of a truly efficient reactor, this mixing reactor was invented and made its market debut in 1986.

SHI Mechanical & Equipment Inc produces in general specialty products with the best quality possible in order to satisfy users’ needs. This company originates and has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Its goal is to improve economy by developing more technological advanced equipment. This way the productivity increases. Maxbend is a top mixing reactor.

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