Safety Lockers

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Safety Lockers

When it comes to security of your hard earned valuables like jewelry, you can not rely upon anybody else than safety lockers. There are many kinds of safety lockers available in the market which are manufactured by many leading companies such as Godrej. Safety lockers manufactured by these companies are used in various sectors like banking and jewelry industries, temples, houses, shops and small trading companies.

There are many kinds of locks available serving different industries but same purpose, safety of valuables. These varieties of safety locks include Wardrobe fixing lockers, Digimatic electronic safety lockers, Wall mounting lockers, Touch screen safety lockers, double door safe, Twin safety lockers, biometric locking system , Fire resistant lockers and many others. If you want to buy safety lockers, you should first know about various types of safety lockers available in the market.

Let us learn about some of the Safety lockers available in the market. These safety lockers can be used at places such as houses, shops, colleges and other such places.

Wall Mount Lockers

These lockers are fitted with one unpickable dual lock master key system. Any unauthorized user can not misuse it. Also , there is insulation of fire resistance mineral wool inside the wall mount lockers. Thickness of their body is 3mm and door thickness is 6mm. These lockers can be used to store things like cash, jewel and other valuables. These may have removable shelves.

Wardrobe Lockers

Wardrobe lockers are available in various sizes to suit the requirements of various users. These are single walled safe, made from mild steel plate. Both kind of key systems, mechanical and electronic, are available in these lockers. This kind of safety lockers are fitted with one or two unpickable dual controlled mechanical locks or electronic locks.

Floor Lockers

These lockers are fitted in the ground. To disable the misuse by unauthorized person, these lockers are equipped with mechanical dual control lock with master key. Doors of these lockers can be removed for easy maneuverability.

Electronic Lockers

These lockers are made for household use and are single walled safes. Its door can open more than 180o.

Electronic Safet
y Lockers

These are the single walled safe digimatic electronic Safety Lockers and are made of mild steel plate. Despite having high quality safety features, these safety lockers are very user –friendly. Its main features include electronic locking system, overriding lock provision, soft finger touch keypad, prolonged battery life, two passwords for the independent operations by two persons and are temper proof.

Safety locker prices vary according to the brand, model, locking system, its durability and reliability. You can choose one for yourself according to your needs and requirements.

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