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Optical Mouse: Smarter Way To Move Ahead
 by: Ismael D. Tabije

One of the most important tools of a computer is the mouse, which is indispensable for the operation of the computer. Yet, it is not a very complex item although modern technology has brought in many advances in its design in order to make it more convenient to use. Many options are now available, each with their own unique features.

Whenever you are using your computer your fingers are constantly on the mouse clicking away. You would naturally like to choose a mouse that would operate smoothly, be precise and easy to use and optical technology has just the answer for these requirements. The Optical Mouse is a far cry from the conventional ball/roller assembly of the earlier mechanical mice and operates with a beam of light and an optical sensor making its operation as smooth as silk. The movement of the mouse is tracked by the sensor using the light thrown by the light beam on the surface below the mouse.

Optical Mouse is now being preferred at homes and at offices by everybody. The prices have dropped to the level of $15 to $50 much in line with the earlier mechanical mouse. Installation is easy, as you just have to plug it in the computer. Optical mice with either PS/2 or USB plugs are available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms.

How Does It Work?

A miniature camera inside the optical mouse takes about a thousand pictures per second and a small light emitting diode (LED) helps to highlight the small differences in the surface under the mouse by providing the necessary light. When these differences are beamed back into the camera, the pictures are compared with the help of digital technology to find out the speed and direction of the movement. In the earlier mechanical mouse, the movement was indicated by a round ball rolling against the mouse pad.

Benefits of Optical Mouse Over Traditional Mouse

• Increased precision and better control: There are no moving parts in the optical mouse – only a small optical sensor that gives the silky smooth under surface to the mouse. The accuracy and response of the mouse will continue to be present for a very long time due to its digital design.

• Lighter in weight: Due to the absence of the ball and roller mechanism, the weight of an optical mouse is much lesser than that of a mechanical mouse. In addition to its much higher precision, an optical mouse has a resolution from the low hundreds to the high hundreds (in dpi, dots per inch).

• No more cleaning: The earlier mechanical mouse was always very susceptible to dirt, dust or grime getting stuck in it thereby causing the pointer to move erratically. Now, you don’t have to disassemble your optical mouse every now and then as there is no question of any dirt accumulating in it as there are no moving parts.

• No need for a mouse pad: The optical mouse can work on any surface without the need of any special mouse pad. However, you should avoid using it on a highly reflective surface such as a glass or mirror. You should also not use it on surface with a solid color as all the pictures taken by the mouse are identical and as such it would be better to use it on a surface with pictures or patterns. So, the next time you find that your optical mouse is not working properly in spite of being installed correctly you should know where the problem lies. Just move it away from the solid color surface.

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