Latest mechanical news – Truck in crash being inspected

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Ok so you might find the next few links interesting. These are from around the web, just random snippets that I’ve picked up in my reading, but I found some very cool information in them. You might too. Here goes…

Truck in crash being inspected

… crash that snarled traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway Tuesday morning is being inspected for mechanical deficiencies, state police said yesterday. …  Read More…

Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters Are Becoming the Hot Chritsmas Gift for 2009

According to MyFoxDC, these interactive, mechanical hamsters are becoming more popular as Christmas grows closer, with shortages a definite possibility. …  Read More…

Deutsche Bank: Steel Production To Remain Sluggish In Europe

Industries such as automotive production, mechanical engineering and construction – on which steel production is heavily reliant – all contracted …  Read More…
That’s all the news for today guys, so until next time, thanks for stopping by.

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