Latest mechanical news – TraderFeed: The Limitations of Mechanical Trading Systems

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Ok so you might find the next few links interesting. These are from around the web, just random snippets that I’ve picked up in my reading, but I found some very cool information in them. You might too. Here goes…

TraderFeed: The Limitations of Mechanical Trading Systems

And that's the problem with mechanical trading systems with respect to the variables I'm studying. They are hamhanded. They work well when markets behave "normally" and can work surprisingly poorly when market states shift. …

Mechanical Tumor for your PC | Geeky Gadgets

The tumor is equipped with a series of motors and pneumatic actuators which help the mechanical tumor pulsates gently when the CPU load is low but crank it up and get the CPU load high and the tumor's ..

OhGizmo! » Archive » Japanese Artist Creates Bio-Mechanical “Tumor …

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