Latest mechanical news – Academic spotlight: College honors

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Hey Readers! I’ve been comin across some crazy stuff the past few days from a few different blogs around the web which I just had to share with you. Check em out below…

Academic spotlight: College honors

Blecke, who holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Michigan Tech, is the daughter of Charles and Joan Blecke, Green Bay. …  Read More…

In downturn, Mechanical Contractors Association encourages education

In a challenging economy, mechanical contractors recognize that education and superior leadership “are the best way to give their company the critical …  Read More…

ArtPrize: Bringing attention to Grand Rapids West Side

Vanderhyde Mechanical is a Westside venue is a place you wouldn't think would feature art. "We promoted ourselves that way, as being the oddball venue and …  Read More…
That’s all the news for today guys, so until next time, thanks for stopping by.

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