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Different people have different sleeping patterns. Thus some have to sleep in the day as they have to stay awake at night thanks to their office shifts. Then again, we have people too much annoyed with their neighbors who are busy making fuss. Sometimes, you may get irritated with the incessant cry of your child as well. All you need at such time is white noise and SleepMate 980A can provide you with that.

This product by the Marpac is identical with the Soundscreen 980A. The only difference is in the name. However, there is another factor that separates them. SleepMate is ideal for the home use. So, it can be used for sleep, study or relaxation. On the other hand, the Soundscreen is apt for the professional and official uses.

However, there are exclusive features of the Marpac SleepMate 980A. First of all, it comes in a sealed retail box. It is a lightweight package with 1.6 lbs of weight. It is very economical and energy saving. The size with a diameter of 5.75” base diameter and 3.25” of height is convenient for sure. The sound quality of the product is brilliant. It has dual speed operation that ensures that there are two sound levels. The product comes in a patented housing design and there is an 8 feet power cord given with this. Made in USA, the device is UL listed in Canada and US. Finally, the product comes with a one year limited warranty.

Also, there are plenty of other features that are available in this product. As a result, SleepMate 980A can be useful in other situations as well. Thus, it can be very effectively used in the office or study to hide distracting noise. Also, it can provide with confidentiality in the conversation. In fact, SleepMate can be used in situations that are too quite as a source of pleasurable sound.

What’s more, when you purchase the SleepMate 980A, you get a TravelMate Sleep CD for free. This includes the ideal mix of White Noise Sound so that you can sleep even when you are away from your home. It provides an atmosphere that is calm and soothing. Also, the track is long with 80 minutes if digital music.

Technically, the sound conditioners or the White Noise Machines were designed to produce white music that is similar to the TV static. However, the recent and improved technologies have modified it to help in rain, ocean and many great factors. Basically, there are two version in which the Sound conditioners are available – electro mechanical and digital.

In the first version, the white noise is created by the electro mechanical motor that sucks the air through the narrow holes. So, they create the natural noise. However, in the digital version, sound cards are used to produce the sound. Naturally, the sound is flexible. However, the sound may not be as thick as the previous version.

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