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Is the air in your home clean? All of us breathe air when we are inside the home and most people are unsure about how clean the air inside their home is. Just like the air outside your home has several contaminants and pollutants, the air inside your home also have several contaminants. So if you breathe this air full of contaminants, the health risks increase multifold. You will be prone to various respiratory diseases, which can further get aggravated and take the form of allergy, asthma, persistent cough, nausea, headaches, and even fatigue. The root cause of these illnesses is the contaminants who have found their way into your home because your air duct or HVAC system is dirty.

Reduce health risks by cleaning Ducts

Contaminants in the air duct or your ventilation system are in different forms like fungi, Mold, allergens and bacteria. Allergens like pollen, dust, and pet dander are quite common and can get inside the HVAC system in your home, which will circulate it right into the air that you breathe. Such a scenario will pose higher health risks and create negative health consequences on a long-term basis. According to the American College of Allergy almost 50% of illnesses are caused by pollutants that exist in the air inside your home due to improper vent cleaning.

As a result, it is important to clean your HVAC system on a regular basis. It is not only the health perspective in question here but a clean air duct system will provide higher performance as compared to a dirty system. Efficient running of your air duct or HVAC system will help in reducing your energy bills. Cleaner air duct systems will have a longer lifespan and will have less technical problems. So there are many more advantages of having a clean HVAC system other than the fact that it will keep the air in your home cleaner.

Factors That Affect Cleaning

Vent cleaning is a must and needs to be done on a regular basis. The industry standards recommend that you should have an expert inspect your air ducts and vents once every two years, and also initiate vent cleaning once every 5-7 years. Of course there is no harm in initiating a vent cleaning process once every 3-4 years also but all this depends on the conditions within your home.

On the other hand the NADCA or National Air Duct Cleaners Association does not recommend any specific time frame for air duct cleaning. According to them air duct cleaning should be initiated by a homeowner when they feel it is necessary and have outlined certain factors that will lead to frequent vent cleaning. According to them, vent cleaning becomes necessary within a short period of time if:

1. Smoking is done in the house

2. There are pets in the house that shed hair and dander

3. There is damage or water contamination in the home or to the HVAC system

4. NADCA also recommends air duct cleaning prior to occupancy of a new home.

Cleaning Methods

The most effective way of air duct cleaning is by using source removal methods. A powerful vacuum cleaner is used as a part of this method and it can suck air with dirt from your air duct and ventilation system. There are certain devices, which are inserted into the air ducts like brushes, skipper balls and air whips to dislodge any dirt or debris that is stuck to the inner surface of the ventilation system.

You can choose a duct cleaning contractor who is an expert in vent cleaning and will be able to clean your piping, registers, ductwork, and blower motor. These professional vent cleaning experts also use vacuums mounted on trucks, which can clean according to NADCA standards. The vacuums mounted on trucks are very powerful cleaners.

You need to be careful while hiring air duct cleaning contractor. You can start with several contractors who will inspect your air duct and ventilation system and then offer you their best quote. You need to make sure that the air duct cleaning contractor visually inspects the air ducts and the various components of your HVAC system before offering you a cleaning solution.

If you hire NADCA contractors then you will be rest assured that your vent cleaning process will be based on NADCA guidelines. Check the license of the vent cleaning company and ask for at least 3 references. Last but not the least; don’t hire someone who offers you the lowest price because that will translate into inadequate cleaning.

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How To Hire A Hvac Contractor

HVAC means heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractors. These are people you hire to install your much needed heating and air conditioning systems in the home and buildings. They are certified professionals who possess the proper knowledge and skills in installing, repairing and cleaning all types and size of units whether small or large.

Before getting HVAC contractors, be sure you have the pertinent information such as the climate in your location, the amount of sunlight you get every day and areas in the home which may be hard to ventilate. The contractors normally ask for these information which they use in taking the necessary measures from installing air conditioning units, heaters, furnaces, ducts and ventilation. HVAC people do their work in all types of homes, whether extensions, new construction, remodels, kitchens, bathrooms, guest houses and garage apartments.

Some people do not have experience dealing with HVAC contractors especially those who buy a heating or cooling system already installed in the house they purchase. Sometimes, this makes it difficult for them to get the best deal.

This should not be a problem, though, as there are some ways to make the process of hiring the right ones easier. The most important steps to take are to ask for recommendations from friends who have had previous experience with contractors. Friends, relatives or colleagues in your office will surely have somebody to recommend for you.

Once you have a list of names, you may make a call to each one of them to find out how long they have been in the business and then check their references as well as their licenses. The references are vital as you can get additional information from them about the skills and experiences of the HVAC contractors. Verify their credentials, license, insurance and Business Bureau membership.

While talking to your prospective contractors, you can ask how they will determine the correct size of the new system and if you need to get a permit or they can get it for you.
After making the necessary interviews, it’s time to pick your choice. For additional information, you may want to ask for quality certifications such as Diamond Certification. Now that you have your preferred HVAC, your next step is to negotiate for the best deal.

It is crucial that you know what you need. Explain the type of heating, cooling or ventilation work required in your home and any problems you may have encountered in the past. The details are important to them as it will allow them to project the cost of the job.

Listen very well to the questions asked by your contractor and write them down if possible. Take note of the time he is willing to provide to you as this is proof of his proficiency.
List down your questions for your contractor, too. You can ask about the number of jobs they have done, their specialization, the length of time needed to complete the job for you, if they have a workers’ compensation and liability insurance, do they do the job themselves or do they hire subcontractors and if they will do all the work from removing the old materials to installing the new unit.

Finally, ask your HVAC contractor to provide you a signed written pricing, timing, quality and warranty agreement. And after the work is done, be sure to ask him some written handling instructions for the new installations.

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