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Duct Installation And Repair Hvac Contractor

When you hire a duct installation and repair HVAC contractor, you’re taking an important step to maintaining your indoor air quality as well as the integrity of your heating and cooling duct systems. This is very important for all of us. Although there are no set guidelines as to the frequency that your air duct system should be serviced, most manufacturers of heating and cooling systems have a clause in the warranty that they provide stating that you must have your duct systems serviced at least once a year.

Of course, if you are having a new home built or if you are remodeling an older home, you recognize the need for duct installation. What most people fail to realize though, is that heating and cooling duct system repairs and maintenance are vitally important for all family members. The important letter in HVAC is the “V”. The V stands for ventilation. Ventilation has a whole lot to do with the air that we breathe. And the air that we breathe is our primary life force.


Here are just a few of the advantages and benefits to be gained from hiring the services of the right duct installation and repair HVAC contractor:
By keeping your heating and cooling duct systems well maintained, you significantly reduce the amount of the following air pollutants present in your home’s immediate atmosphere: Pet hair and dander; Tobacco smoke; Pollen; Mold spores; Dust that damages your lungs; Dust mites; Bacteria and viruses that cause disease;
You keep your heating and cooling unit’s warranties from being voided;
You keep your entire system for indoor air quality functioning smoothly and in a problem-free fashion;
Your entire family has a lower probability for the development of allergies and other health issues;
Your house, carpet and furnishings are kept cleaner from dust, dirt, bugs and other pests;

It’s very important to think about the fact that you are constantly breathing in and out. Every day, all day long, you are allowing air pollutants to enter what should be your pristine respiratory system. Every negative pollutant that you allow to enter into your system is a potential for sickness. It is estimated that most people spend as much as 90% of their time inside of their homes. Ensuring a high level of indoor air quality is of profound importance.

Other services offered by a duct installation and repair HVAC contractor:

Installation of attic fans that accommodate the following: Removal of excessive top-level heat buildups in your home; Removal of various air pollutants that may stagnate; Significant reductions in cooling bills;
Air duct cleaning:
Highly pressurized air washing;
Furnace cleaning;
Installation of air exchangers;
Cleaning of transit air ducts;
Cleaning of housing units;
Chimney cleanings;
Fireplace cleanings;
Cleaning wood stoves;
Installation of chimney caps;
Applications of germicide fogs to destroy all mold, mildew, mites and bacteria;
Dryer vent cleaning;
Refrigerator coil cleaning;
Furnace A-coil cleaning;

Making sure you hire a reputable duct installation and repair HVAC contractor:

It’s very important to ensure that the contractor you hire to install and/or maintain your heating and cooling duct systems is a tried and true professional that operates with meticulous levels of conscientiousness. Here are a few tips to ensure that:
Go with your gut when you speak with or meet your potential HVAC contractor. Let’s face it; there are a lot of crooks in the world. You don’t desire to hire one of them to work in your home in any regard. If you have warning signals going off about the potential character of the contractor that you are interviewing, move on to the next one.
If he or she hasn’t already offered it, ask for a list of references – and then check them;
Most contractors worth their weight will offer you a photo portfolio of jobs that they have completed;
Check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and inquire as to any complaints lodged against this contractor;
Inquire whether the contractor that you’re speaking with will actually be on-site during the installation and/or maintenance procedures. Many times, the professional-looking and smooth-sounding contractor that you speak with or meet is certainly not the same person that shows up to do the work.

The bottom line concerning duct installation and repair HVAC contractors:

There’s no doubting that quality installation and maintenance of your heating and cooling duct systems is very important. The benefits are numerous and very necessary as well. In
fact, the health of your entire family in part depends upon it. What you need to make sure of is that you are dealing with a well-established, quality HVAC contractor that will deliver superior service before, during and after the actual installation or repair work takes place. Take your time and make the right decision in hiring the best HVAC contractor to meet your needs.

By: Priyank Saxena

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