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An HVAC contractor is a professional who specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of cooling, heating, and refrigeration systems in both industrial and residential buildings alike. A career in this field offers a number of benefits, but also requires a large amount of energy and hard work just to obtain certification. In this article, we will outline the necessary steps individuals must take in order to become an HVAC contractor.

Step 1 – To start off, individuals interested in a career in the industry must obtain a high school diploma, or GED. This will help in making you more attractive to potential employers in the field. If you’re really interested in first impressions, additional training through a community college or trade school can’t hurt either.

Step 2 – Find yourself an internship or entry-level position working with a certified and licensed HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance company in the area in which you wish to start your career. It may take a while before you find someone willing to provide you with an opportunity to prove yourself, but with a little drive and some hard work, you can bet you’ll find something. Show your enthusiasm for the job market and prove that you have the skills and knowledge worthy of a position. Be prepared for your starting salary to be on the low end of things, but stay focused and motivated, and you’ll have no problems moving up.

Step 3 – Use your internship opportunity to learn all you can about becoming an hvac contractor. The majority of quality technicians got to the place they are by simply working in the field, with minimal classroom training. Take the lessons you accrue on the job and apply them as you move along.

Step 4 – In addition to your day job, you may decide to head into a schooling program that caters to the field in order to further your knowledge base. These courses provide a base for a more specialized education through the delivery of various instruction and real world issues you’ll find on the job site. These programs typically take anywhere between a couple semesters to two years to complete.

Step 5 – Find a company who will sponsor formal hvac contractor apprenticeships and are recognized by the ACCA, NAPHCC, or any other nationally recognized association. These apprenticeships combine job-site training alongside classroom instruction and generally take around 3 years to complete.

Step 6 – Apply for certification through the completion of your apprenticeship, or through the fulfillment requirements outlined by the NATE or ACEC. These organization are both recognized throughout the U.S. as the leading institutes in the field.

Step 7 – Once you’ve become certified, it’s time to get to work. Decide whether you’d rather stick with the companies you’ve been working with, you if you’d rather start your own business. In general, many contractors initially decide to stick with a larger company until a time arrives where they have obtained the means necessary to begin their own company. Find the option that works best for you and do the best that you possibly can.

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