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When is it time to hire an HVAC contractor? Answer: When you and your family are at the mercy of the elements. In other words, we don’t realize how wonderful our modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning is until we don’t have it anymore.

Consider this:

– A record breaking summer during the age of global warming, and the AC is busted, turning your house into a steamy sauna where you stick to the sofa.

– A freak winter storm and the heating is on the fritz, and you and your family are huddled around the oven like a camp of homeless people around a burning oil can.

– Problems with the vents, turning your house into a stuffy, smelly airless wasteland.

This is when it’s time to call an HVAC contractor. These professionals install, repair and clean all kinds of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. If you find yourself in one of the desperate situations above, they’ll be like your best friend.

Unless, you get stuck with a lousy contractor. There are a few out there, and they give the whole industry a bad name. Here’s how you find the right HVAC contractor to get the job done right.

Get A Recommendation

Ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, strangers on the street – anybody at all – for a recommendation. Unless they secretly harbor a grudge against you, your friends and acquaintances will give you the name of a trustworthy, competent, hard-working and experienced professional for your troubled house.

Ask Them The Right Questions

The “right questions” include: How long have you been in the business? How much is this going to cost? Is your company insured and bonded? What exactly are you going to do? How many of these jobs have you done, and what is the average time it takes?… and whatever else springs to mind to ask them.

Don’t Forget The Licensing

Make sure that your potential HVAC contractor is fully licensed. The more memberships, certifications, credentials and licenses they have, the better. All of this shows that they’ve got the expertise you need to get your house back into working order.

Do Your Homework And Check Up On Them

Ask them for references, and call the numbers. The people on the other end of the phone should tell you glowing reports of how their sub-tropical or sub-arctic house was restored to sanity by this individual. You can also look for “dirt” on them by contacting the Better Business Bureau, or by doing an internet search on their name or company name.

Are They Nice Folks?

This is more important than most people realize – Are they nice folks who are easy to communicate with? You’ll need somebody you feel comfortable working with. After all, you’re trusting your house to them.

With a good HVAC contractor, your home will be back to its regular self again and the nightmare will be over. If you’re happy with the work, add them to your address book and keep them in mind when there are future problems. And also keep in mind that a little routine maintenance might come in handy to prevent the next disaster.

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