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  1. Commonly Used Fork Lift Attachments by Pieter West

    Commonly used fork lift attachments typically include a wide variety of attachments that serve a wide variety of purposes. This article will discuss a few of the more common examples which include side shifters, carton clamps, slip sheet attachments, multipurpose clamps, carpet poles, fork conditioners, roll clamps, and many more.

  2. A Look Into the Responsibility of a Structural Engineer by Ryan Coisson

    Structural engineers have a tough job of fulfilling the needs of builders, while at the same time, keeping construction costs low, and ensuring that their work will maintain high structural integrity in any situation. The branch of engineering that deals with structure design to effectively handle various loads and stresses is called structural engineering.

  3. How to Fix Some Common Air Conditioning Problems by Ryan Coisson

    Most of us don’t know a thing about our heating and air conditioning systems, and when something goes wrong we tend to call for service right away. However, if you know what to check before calling a repairman, you may be able to save money by getting help over the phone instead.

  4. 10 Things Most People Do Not Know About Injection Mold Making by Randy Hough

    Mold makers are the type of person that would stop to help you, if you had a flat tire on the highway. Not only that, but if you had no jack, they would give you their own! Next time you use something made of plastic, thank an injection mold maker!

  5. What is Injection Moulding? by Chris Cornell

    Have you ever wondered how plastic components, combs, toothbrushes and bottle caps are made? They are obviously made by plastic, through a special process called the injection moulding.

  6. Maintaining Conveyors – A Complete Rundown! by Steve Nuttall

    Conveyors are a reliable, cost effective means of moving parcels. They help warehouses, distribution centres and post depots load and unload transit vehicles, move goods through automated sortation systems, and prove invaluable to businesses with speed and efficiency targets. Although conveyors may seem like simple devices, proper care and maintenance is essential to ensure they function correctly and lead long service lives.

  7. The History of Welding and Fabrication by Tyler Powers

    A brief overview of the history of welding. From how it was created to where it is today.

  8. Hydraulic Cylinders – How They Work by Andrew Newell

    Ever wondered about the huge engineering vehicles dealing with the toughest jobs in the Planet? Are you interested in knowing how the enormous power of the heavy equipments around you is developed? Then this article is written for you to know the principle behind the working of the engineering vehicles and the heavy equipments.

  9. Hydraulic Cylinders For Car Safety and Comfortable Riding by Andrew Newell

    The hydraulic cylinders are known for the great power delivered by them. The enormous power that can be obtained with the help of the hydraulic cylinders have made them integral parts of all kinds of heavy equipments and heavy vehicles such as the bulldozers, forklifts, excavators etc.

  10. Regular Maintenance of Hydraulic Cylinders by Andrew Newell

    Hydraulic cylinders are well known for reliability subject to certain conditions. Obviously, the long term functionality of the hydraulic cylinders depends on how it was manufactured. Researches indicate that a properly designed hydraulic cylinder, manufactured using the best manufacturing process will function properly for a lifetime without bothering you much.

  11. Acoustic Barriers and Industrial Machinery by Sarah Boothman

    Acoustic barriers are used in industry to reduce the noise that heavy machinery and vehicles make. They work with acoustic absorbers to limit the amount of noise that the machinery operators are forced to listen to.

  12. Where to Buy 3M Adhesive Products by Rahul K Pathak

    3M Adhesive Products have been available in the market for more than 50 years, and for nearly half a century, this company has been offering industrial Tapes and Adhesives to engineers, marketers and managers all over the world. Anybody who wishes to improve their product design and manufacturing opts for these adhesives.

  13. Will Your Facility Be Required to Report Emissions Under the EPA’s New Greenhouse Gases Rule? by Tim Nickell

    The EPA’s new Greenhouse Gases Rule goes into effect January 1, 2010. Its stringent requirements may come as an unpleasant surprise to some businesses.

  14. Why Programming Language “C” is Necessary For Mechanical Engineers by Rajesh Kumar Bhardwaj

    Learning computer programming is essential for engineering students these days. Various CAD and CAM softwares are to be handled by the engineers, as almost all the projects are designed with CAD software and CAM software and have a significant role in the manufacturing processes. There are many programming languages that need to be learned by the mechanical engineer students.

  15. Industrial Oil Tank Cleaning Using Vacuum Transfer Systems by Caron J Rose

    Sludge and scale tends to build up in oil tanks and vessels over time. It reduces the efficiency of the tanks and causes a problem for the smooth running of the plant. This means that industrial oil tank cleaning needs to be performed on a regular basis to keep the build up under control.

  16. UHP Hydro Blasting by Caron J Rose

    Hydro blasting service providers are expected to follow codes of practice that lay out the best working practices within the industry. They must be dedicated to the safe working use of high pressure and ultra high pressure hydro blasting equipment. This kind of machinery and equipment is used extensively in certain industries for cleaning purposes. They are also used for cold cutting with the addition of a sharp edged abrasive material where the lack of excessive heat generated and sparks in areas where combustible gas may be present is desirable when cutting metal.

  17. A Closer Look at UHP Hydro Blasting Companies and What They Do by Caron J Rose

    Hydro blasting companies specialise in machinery and equipment that can deliver directed and controlled jets of water at ultra high pressure (UHP). This kind of machinery and equipment is used extensively in certain industries for cleaning purposes. They are also used for cold cutting with the addition of a sharp edged abrasive material where the lack of excessive heat generated and sparks in areas where combustible gas may be present is desirable when cutting metal.

  18. Offshore Tank Cleaning Specialist Companies – What Do They Do? by Caron J Rose

    The preferred way to perform offshore tank cleaning is by utilising remote cleaning techniques wherever possible. Offshore tank cleaning specialist companies work in a potentially dangerous environment most of the time. Working offshore in the oil and gas industries in the middle of the North Sea is not always a pleasant place to be, especially in winter when storms with high winds become the normal weather pattern.

  19. Waste Management Services – Treatment and Disposal by Caron J Rose

    Waste management services exist to assist certain companies with their problem of industrial waste. Some industries generate more waste than others and those that generate a lot in the course of their business usually find it more cost effective to have someone else deal with it on a contractual basis. As we produce more and more waste, partly as a result of more and more packaging being used for our everyday produce, our waste management services are becoming more sophisticated and better able to deal with the problem.

  20. MNDP Pioneering Niche Advanced Aerospace Technologies by Joe Fuel

    The Mundus Group, Inc. (MNDP) is an advanced aerospace technology consortium providing patented Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) technology for experimental aircraft and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) since 1990 through its fully owned VTOL division, Roadable Aircraft International (RAI). Eight new Divisions will target lucrative niche VTOL UAV markets which have been serviced and developed by AirStar.

  21. Adhesive Failure – How to Break the Bond of Different Adhesives by Manuel R Martinez

    If you are facing the task of separating an object that has been previously glued together, it is important to know that adhesives have certain characteristics that make them adhere and also fail. Technically speaking, adhesives cause bond between substrates, therefore what you are trying to do is make the adhesive fail to break that bond.

  22. Why Scanning Drawings Are Important For Engineers? by Ethan Allen B

    Drawings are very important for every engineer. If something bad happened to drawing, engineers have to bear with not only huge loss but also dreadful reputation. Scanning drawings can help to avoid such situations.

  23. More Price Rises Likely For Steel Products by Reshall Jimmy

    Prices for most steel products, including the benchmark hot rolled coil (HRC), are expected to record more increases for the rest of this year on the back of continued improvement in demand. Global price increases for a variety of steel products have been recorded in key markets in North America and Asia in recent weeks, pushing prices up.

  24. Reverse Osmosis Design – 6 Reverse Osmosis Design Factors For Industrial Reverse Osmosis Equipment by Layne Christensen

    When designing Industrial Reverse Osmosis systems there are a number of critical factors that must be considered early on in the process. Do you know what they are? This article introduces 6 key Reverse Osmosis Design factors that you must consider in order to avoid costly problems later in the installation and operation phase of the project.

  25. Industrial Reverse Osmosis – 5 Parameters to Consider When Specifying Industrial Reverse Osmosis by Layne Christensen

    In a power generation facility where the products are electricity and steam to provide the energy to produce that electricity, uninterrupted steam production is vital. It follows logically then that an uninterrupted source of boiler quality feed water is also vitally important. Frequently these days this means the installation and operation of an Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. This article highlights 5 key parameters to consider when designing an industrial reverse osmosis system for use in a power generation facility or any other industrial or commercial environment.

  26. The Need of PAT Testing Equipments by Bob B. Simpson

    PAT is a procedure of examining electronic devices to avoid and prevent any accident and harm done by electronic devices at a work place or even at residence. PAT test Equipments are used to check all your electronic devices at a regular interval to ensure safety for everyone.

  27. Are You Looking For Right Beam Design For Building Construction? by Richard M Bothom

    There are many different types of beam designs and materials to choose from when designing a structure. Engineers can choose from various shapes, sizes, construction materials, and construction techniques.

  28. Heat Exchanger Calculation by Zaki Yamani Zakaria

    This article is intended for beginners. No advanced knowledge needed to understand this topic so why not give it a try?

  29. Resins Technology Adapts to Changing Market Conditions by Michael Herson

    To examine market trends, current developments in resins technologies and the consolidation that has been taking place in the industry, “The Strategy Works” (TWS), a strategic marketing consultancy, has interviewed two of the world’s leading manufacturers of ketone and aldehyde resins – Hexion and Evonik Degussa. The market conditions for both resin groups are clearly changing.

  30. Solder Flux Paste – Wholesale Dropshipping – Siting One Brand That is a Lead-Free Solder by Caroline J. Summers

    Lets take a peak first on how a lead could manage to destroy an environment and to human being. There is no really visible damage contribution to it but the effect is through its contribution of elements in the air (specifically the melting copper).

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